Delete hostsedit

You might need to delete hosts for several reasons:

  • To remove some resources from your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation if they are no longer required.
  • To remove a faulty host from the Cloud UI so that it is no longer part of your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation.

Deleting a host only removes the host from your installation, it does not remove the Elastic Cloud Enterprise software from the host. After the host has been deleted, you can repurpose or troubleshoot the physical host on which the Elastic Cloud Enterprise host was located.

To delete hosts:

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. From the Platform menu, select Hosts.

    Narrow the list by name, ID, or choose from several other filters. To further define the list, use a combination of filters.

  3. For hosts that hold the allocator role:

    1. Enable maintenance mode on the allocator.
    2. Move all nodes off the allocator and to other allocators in your installation.
  4. Go to Hosts and select a host.
  5. Select Manage roles from the Manage host menu and remove all assigned roles.
  6. Select Demote host from the Manage host menu if present. If the Delete host option is already enabled, skip this step.
  7. Remove all running containers from the host, starting from the container with name frc-runners-runner. Then remove the storage directory (the default /mnt/data/elastic/). You can use the recommended cleanup command.
  8. Select Delete host and confirm.

Refresh the page if the button isn’t active.