Information about a specified runner.


build_info (RunnerBuildInfo)
Build Info of the container artifact
connected (boolean, required)
Specifies if the runner is connected
containers (array[RunnerContainerInfo], required)
Containers for the runner
features (map[string,boolean])
State of features of the runner
healthy (boolean, required)
Specifies if the runner is healthy
host_ip (string, required)
Host IP for the runner
public_hostname (string, required)
Public hostname for the runner
region (string)
The region that this runner belongs to. Only populated in SaaS or federated ECE.
roles (array[RunnerRoleInfo], required)
Roles for the runner
runner_id (string, required)
The runner identifier
runner_name (string)
The runner name
tags (map[string,string])
Meta data of the runner, like image ID or processor architecture
zone (string)
Identifier of the zone


   "build_info" : {
      "commit_hash" : "string",
      "version" : "string"
   "connected" : true,
   "containers" : [
         "container_name" : "string",
         "container_set_name" : "string"
   "features" : {
      "some_property" : true
   "healthy" : true,
   "host_ip" : "string",
   "public_hostname" : "string",
   "region" : "string",
   "roles" : [
         "role_name" : "string"
   "runner_id" : "string",
   "runner_name" : "string",
   "tags" : {
      "some_property" : "string"
   "zone" : "string"