Information about a proxy.


allocations (array[ProxyAllocationInfo], required)
Allocation information by type.
healthy (boolean, required)
Specifies if the proxy is healthy
host_ip (string, required)
IP of the host the proxy runs on
metadata (object, required)
Arbitrary metadata associated with the proxy
proxy_id (string, required)
The proxy identifier
public_hostname (string, required)
Public hostname of the host the proxy runs on
runner_id (string)
Identifier of the runner for the proxy
zone (string)
The zone.


   "allocations" : [
         "allocations_type" : "string",
         "counts" : {
            "allocations" : 0,
            "connectors" : 0
   "healthy" : true,
   "host_ip" : "string",
   "metadata" : {},
   "proxy_id" : "string",
   "public_hostname" : "string",
   "runner_id" : "string",
   "zone" : "string"