This object is deprecated and scheduled to be removed in the next major version.


cookie_name (string, required)
Name of the HTTP cookie used for single-sign-on
default_redirect_path (string, required)
Default path where users are redirected after a successful single-sign-on
dont_log_requests (boolean, required)
If true, don't log requests
maintenance_bypass_cookie_name (string, required)
Name of the cookie that bypasses maintenance
max_age (integer as int64, required)
Maximum age of single-sign-on token in milliseconds
sso_secret (string, required)
Secret string for single-sign-on


   "cookie_name" : "string",
   "default_redirect_path" : "string",
   "dont_log_requests" : true,
   "maintenance_bypass_cookie_name" : "string",
   "max_age" : 0,
   "sso_secret" : "string"