Defines the topology of the APM Server nodes. For example, the number or capacity of the nodes, and where you can allocate the nodes.


apm (ApmConfiguration)
The configuration options for the APM Server.
instance_configuration_id (string)
Controls the allocation of this topology element as well as allowed sizes and node_types. It needs to match the id of an existing instance configuration.
size (TopologySize)
Measured by the amount of a resource. The final cluster size is calculated using multipliers from the topology instance configuration.
zone_count (integer as int32)
number of zones in which nodes will be placed


   "apm" : {
      "docker_image" : "string",
      "system_settings" : {
         "debug_enabled" : true,
         "elasticsearch_password" : "string",
         "elasticsearch_url" : "string",
         "elasticsearch_username" : "string",
         "kibana_url" : "string",
         "secret_token" : "string"
      "user_settings_json" : {},
      "user_settings_override_json" : {},
      "user_settings_override_yaml" : "string",
      "user_settings_yaml" : "string",
      "version" : "string"
   "instance_configuration_id" : "string",
   "size" : {
      "resource" : "string",
      "value" : 0
   "zone_count" : 0