Introducing Elastic Cloud Enterprise


Introducing Elastic Cloud Enterpriseedit

This page provides a high-level introduction to Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE).

What is ECE?

ECE evolves from the Elastic hosted Cloud SaaS offering into a standalone product. You can deploy ECE on public or private clouds, virtual machines, or your own premises.

Why ECE?

  • Host your regulated or sensitive data on your internal network.
  • Reuse your existing investment in on-premise infrastructure and reduce total cost.
  • Maximize the hardware utilization for the various clusters.
  • Centralize the management of multiple Elastic deployments across teams or geographies.

ECE features

  • All services are containerized through Docker.
  • High Availability through multiple Availability Zones.
  • Deployment state coordination using ZooKeeper.
  • Easy access for admins through the Cloud UI and API.
  • Support for off-line installations.
  • Automated restore and snapshot.

Check the glossary to get familiar with the ECE terminology.