Information about the public and internal state, and the configuration settings of an Elasticsearch cluster.


aliased_endpoint (string)
The DNS name of the cluster endpoint derived from the deployment alias, if available
aliased_url (string)
The full aliased URL to access this deployment resource
cloud_id (string)
The cloud ID, an encoded string that provides other Elastic services with the necessary information to connect to this Elasticsearch and Kibana (only present if both exist)
endpoint (string)
The DNS name of the cluster endpoint, if available
last_modified (string as date-time, required)
The most recent time the cluster metadata was changed (ISO format in UTC)
ports (ClusterMetadataPortInfo)
The ports that allow communication with the cluster using various protocols.
raw (object)
An unstructured JSON representation of the public and internal state (can be filtered out via URL parameter). The contents and structure of the raw field can change at any time.
service_url (string)
The full URL to access this deployment resource
services_urls (array[ServiceUrl])
A list of the URLs to access services that the resource provides at this time. Note that if the service is not running or has not started yet, the URL to access it won't be available
version (integer as int32, required)
The resource version number of the cluster metadata


   "aliased_endpoint" : "string",
   "aliased_url" : "string",
   "cloud_id" : "string",
   "endpoint" : "string",
   "last_modified" : "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z",
   "ports" : {
      "http" : 0,
      "https" : 0,
      "transport_passthrough" : 0
   "raw" : {},
   "service_url" : "string",
   "services_urls" : [
         "service" : "string",
         "url" : "string"
   "version" : 0