Changes to the API for version 7.10edit

Starting in Elasticsearch version 7.10, a new node_roles field has been added to each Elasticsearch element in a deployment plan. The new node_roles field is used in place of the original node_types field when you enable a new feature such as autoscaling, or when you add a new warm and cold data tier.

When you enable one of these new features through the UI, the deployment will automatically update to use the new node_roles field.

If you use the Deployment API to manage your deployment, there are a few important things to note:

  • When migrating from node_type to node_roles, it is not possible to go back to using node_type.
  • The Elasticsearch topology elements must either all use node_type or all use node_roles.
  • The node_roles field is supported only on Elasticsearch version 7.10 and above.
  • The deployment templates have been updated to also include other elements (for example, id, node_attributes, topology_element_controller). These elements should also be sent when updating the deployment through the API.