Hosts in multiple data centersedit

A typical ECE installation should be contained within a single data center. We recommend that ECE installations not span different data centers, due to variations in networking latency and bandwidth that cannot be controlled.

Installation of ECE across multiple data centers might be feasible with sufficiently low latency and high bandwidth, with some restrictions around what we can support. Based on our experience with our hosted Elastic Cloud service, the following is required:

  • A typical network latency between the data centers of less than 10ms round-trip time during pings
  • A network bandwidth of at least 10 Gigabit

If you choose to deploy a single ECE installation across multiple data centers, you might need to contend with additional disruptions due to bandwidth or latency issues. Both ECE and Elasticsearch are designed to be resilient to networking issues, but this resiliency is intended to handle exceptions and should not be depended on as part of normal operations. If Elastic determines during a support case that an issue is related to an installation across multiple data centers, the recommended resolution will be to consolidate your installation into a single data center, with further support limited until consolidation is complete.