Summary of the allocators for the specified zone.


connected_allocators (integer as int32, required)
Number of connected allocators
connected_capacity (integer as int32, required)
Capacity of connected allocators in megabytes
instances (integer as int32, required)
Number of instances across all allocators in the region
max_available_capacity (integer as int32, required)
Maximum capacity available in one allocator in megabytes
total_allocators (integer as int32, required)
Total number of allocators
zone_id (string, required)
Identifier of the zone


   "connected_allocators" : 0,
   "connected_capacity" : 0,
   "instances" : 0,
   "max_available_capacity" : 0,
   "total_allocators" : 0,
   "zone_id" : "string"