Enable Graph (versions before 5.0)edit

Graph capabilities let you discover how items in an Elasticsearch index are related. You can explore the connections between indexed terms and see which connections are the most meaningful. This can be useful in a variety of applications, from fraud detection to recommendation engines.

In version 5.0 and later, Graph is automatically enabled, as X-Pack is installed along with Elasticsearch and Kibana.

For versions before 5.0: Graph is a plugin that needs to be added to your cluster. To enable Graph:

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. From the Deployments page, select your deployment.

    Narrow the list by name, ID, or choose from several other filters. To further define the list, use a combination of filters.

  3. From your deployment menu, go to the Edit page.
  4. In the Elasticsearch plugins and settings section, select the graph plugin, if it is not installed already.
  5. Click Save changes.

After the plugin is installed, Graph can be accessed from Kibana.