elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh add-stack-versionedit


bash elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh add-stack-version — Make a new Elastic Stack version available


bash elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh add-stack-version
[--host-docker-host "PATH_NAME/docker.sock"] [--secrets PATH_TO_SECRETS_FILE]
[--pass PASSWORD] [--user USER_NAME]
[--version X.Y.Z] [[--]help]


To run this script, a user must be part of the docker group. The host that you run this script on must be a part of an existing Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation.


Downloads and adds a new Elastic Stack version from Elastic and makes it available on your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation.


--host-docker-host /PATH_NAME/docker.sock
Specifies the location of the Docker socket used to communicate with the Docker daemon. Defaults to /var/run/docker.sock.
Specifies a path to a file with secrets. If not specified, attempts to use HOST_STORAGE_PATH/bootstrap-state/bootstrap-secrets.json, where HOST_STORAGE_PATH is the host storage path used by the Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation.
--user USER_NAME
Specifies the user whose password is changed. Defaults to admin.
Specifies a new password for the user specified. Defaults to generating a new strong password.
--version X.Y.Z
Specifies a supported Elastic Stack version, where Z is the major version, Y is the minor version, and Z is the patch level (5.4.0, for example).


Add the Elastic Stack version 5.4.0 to an existing Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation:

bash elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh add-stack-version --version 5.4.0 --user admin --pass pGX5DwKzVAAIeCIpTwwAkCuJDu0ASdFP33UmYpfogfF