The user search configuration for the Elasticsearch security LDAP realm.


base_dn (string)
Specifies a container DN to search for users
filter (string)
Specifies the filter to search the directory and match an entry with the username provided by the user. Defaults to (uid={0}). {0} is substituted with the username provided when searching.
scope (string; allowed values: [sub_tree, one_level, base])
The scope of the user search. Valid values are sub_tree, one_level, or base. one_level only searches objects directly contained in the base_dn. sub_tree searches all objects contained in base_dn. base specifies that the base_dn is the user object, and that it is the only user considered. Defaults to sub_tree.


   "base_dn" : "string",
   "filter" : "string",
   "scope" : "string"