Statistics collected by Elastic Cloud Enterprise


Statistics collected by Elastic Cloud Enterpriseedit

When you log into the Cloud UI for the first time, you are asked to agree to the software license agreement and can opt out of sharing some basic usage statistics about Elastic Cloud Enterprise with Elastic. These statistics are never shared with anyone else. If you are unsure about opting out, the following information describes what we collect.

For each Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation, we collect:

  • Installation ID
  • License information
  • The number of runners in the installation
  • The number of allocators
  • The total capacity by provided by allocators
  • The total RAM used by allocators
  • The availability zone each allocator belongs to
  • The total RAM available to and the total RAM used by each availability zone
  • The number of Elasticsearch clusters

For each Elasticsearch cluster, we collect:

  • Whether a cluster has a Kibana instance associated with it
  • Whether monitoring is configured

Sharing these statistics with us can help us understand how you use our product better and can help us improve the product.