Create your hostsedit

These steps guide you through creating three Ubuntu 14.04 LTS virtual machines on the Standard DS11 V2 instance types with 16 GB RAM.

  1. Create your first virtual machine. This is the first machine that you install Elastic Cloud Enterprise on and it includes a 128 GB attached data disk. This command sets a status public IP address and generates your SSH keys.

    az vm create --resource-group <resourcename> --name ece-node-01 --image Canonical:UbuntuServer:14.04.4-LTS:latest --size Standard_D11_v2 --data-disk-sizes-gb 128 --public-ip-address-allocation static --vnet-name <vnetname> --subnet default --nsg <securityname> --generate-ssh-keys

    If you are using machines without permanent storage, back up your keys to a safe location.

  2. Create two more virtual machines with unique node names.
  3. Complete the other environment preparations for each virtual machine.

Next steps: When your Microsoft Azure virtual machines are up and running, you can connect to them and install Elastic Cloud Enterprise for simple installs or review the playbook for production.