Create filtered group of proxiesedit

Create the settings for a filtered group of proxies.


POST /api/v1/platform/infrastructure/proxies/filtered-groups

Request bodyedit

(ProxiesFilteredGroup) (required) Data for the filtered group of proxies to create



(ProxiesFilteredGroup) Returns the created or updated filtered group of proxies


x-cloud-resource-created (string)
The date-time when the resource was created (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-last-modified (string)
The date-time when the resource was last modified (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-version (string)
The resource version, which is used to avoid update conflicts with concurrent operations

(BasicFailedReply) * The filtered group of proxies has empty id. (code: proxies.proxies_filtered_group_empty_id) * A filtered group of proxies with the same identifier already exists. (code: proxies.proxies_filtered_group_already_exists)


(BasicFailedReply) Elevated permissions are required. (code: root.unauthorized.rbac.elevated_permissions_required)

To perform this operation, you must be authenticated by means of one of the following methods: apiKey, basicAuth.

Request exampleedit

curl -XPOST {{hostname}}/api/v1/platform/infrastructure/proxies/filtered-groups \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '
   "expected_proxies_count" : 0,
   "filters" : [
         "key" : "string",
         "value" : "string"
   "id" : "string"