The configuration settings for the timeout and fallback parameters.


calm_wait_time (integer as int64)
This timeout determines how long to give a cluster after it responds to API calls before performing actual operations on it. It defaults to 5s
cluster_reboot (string; allowed values: [forced])
Set to 'forced' to force a reboot as part of the upgrade plan. NOTES: (ie taking an existing plan and leaving it alone except for setting 'transient.plan_configuration.cluster_reboot': 'forced' will reboot the cluster)
extended_maintenance (boolean)
If true (default false), does not clear the maintenance flag (which prevents its API from being accessed except by the constructor) on new instances added until after a snapshot has been restored, otherwise, the maintenance flag is cleared once the new instances successfully join the new cluster
max_snapshot_age (integer as int64)
When you take a snapshot and 'skip_snapshots' is false, specifies the maximum age in seconds of the most recent snapshot before a new snapshot is created. Default is 300
max_snapshot_attempts (integer as int32)
If taking a snapshot (ie unless 'skip_snapshots': true) then will retry on failure at most this number of times (default: 5)
move_allocators (array[AllocatorMoveRequest])
move_instances (array[InstanceMoveRequest])
move_only (boolean)
If true (default: false) only move_instances and move_allocators instructions will be executed, all other changes will be ignored
override_failsafe (boolean)
If false (the default) then the plan will fail out if it believes the requested sequence of operations can result in data loss - this flag will override some of these restraints
preferred_allocators (array[string])
List of allocators on which instances are placed if possible (if not possible/not specified then any available allocator with space is used)
reallocate_instances (boolean)
If true (default: false) does not allow re-using any existing instances currently in the cluster, ie even unchanged instances will be re-created
skip_data_migration (boolean)
If true (default: false) then the plan will not wait for data to be migrated from old instances to new instances before continuing the plan (potentially deleting the old instances and losing data)
skip_post_upgrade_steps (boolean)
If false (the default), the cluster will run (currently) 2.x->5.x operations for any plan change ending with a 5.x cluster (eg apply a cluster license, ensure Monitoring is configured)
skip_snapshot (boolean)
If true (default: false), does not take (or require) a successful snapshot to be taken before performing any potentially destructive changes to this cluster
skip_upgrade_checker (boolean)
If false, the cluster is checked for issues that should be resolved before migration (eg contains old Lucene segments), if true this is bypassed
timeout (integer as int64)
The total timeout in seconds after which the plan is cancelled even if it is not complete. Defaults to 4x the max memory capacity per node (in MB). NOTES: (eg a 3 zone cluster with 2 nodes of 2048 each would have a timeout of 4*2048=8192 seconds)


   "calm_wait_time" : 0,
   "cluster_reboot" : "string",
   "extended_maintenance" : true,
   "max_snapshot_age" : 0,
   "max_snapshot_attempts" : 0,
   "move_allocators" : [
         "allocator_down" : true,
         "from" : "string",
         "to" : [
   "move_instances" : [
         "from" : "string",
         "instance_down" : true,
         "to" : [
   "move_only" : true,
   "override_failsafe" : true,
   "preferred_allocators" : [
   "reallocate_instances" : true,
   "skip_data_migration" : true,
   "skip_post_upgrade_steps" : true,
   "skip_snapshot" : true,
   "skip_upgrade_checker" : true,
   "timeout" : 0