Enable Enterprise Searchedit

Enterprise Search is built on top of Elasticsearch to deliver a rich, pre-tuned search experience. Enterprise Search includes:

  • App Search - provide your applications with a rich, out-out-the-box search capability.
  • Workplace Search - unify all the content platforms across your organization into a personalized search experience.

To set up Enterprise Search:

  1. First, create a new deployment with the Enterprise Search solution. This is available starting in Elastic Stack version 7.7.
  2. When the deployment has spun up, make a note of the user account and password, and store it in a safe place. You can use this account and password to connect to Enterprise Search through its dedicated UI.
  3. Launch Enterprise Search directly from the main deployment page, or click Enterprise Search under the Deployments menu to see other options. From the Enterprise Search pane you can force a restart, terminate, or delete the Enterprise Search instance.
  4. When the Enterprise Search window opens, enter the elastic user and password for this deployment to login, and then select to use either App Search or Workplace Search.

    You can configure Enterprise Search to use a SAML identity provider for cross-domain, single sign-on authentication. To learn how, see Secure your clusters with SAML.

  5. Follow the UI instructions in the selected product to complete your setup.

Now that your Enterprise Search instance is set up, learn more about it by following the Enterprise Search Reference Getting Started documentation.