Change endpoint URLsedit

For applications without SSL or HTTPS protocol support, you can use a local endpoint with the HTTP protocol, which in turn connects to your Elasticsearch cluster or to Kibana either using the HTTP or the HTTPS protocol.

By default, cluster and Kibana endpoint URLs are constructed according to the following pattern, where CLUSTER_ID and LOCAL_HOST_IP are values that depend on your specific installation:

For example:

To find your endpoints, select a deployment review the information on the Elasticsearch and Kibana pages.

To change endpoints in the Cloud UI:

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. From the Platform menu, select Settings.
  3. Specify the deployment domain name value for your cluster and Kibana endpoints.
  4. Click Update Deployment endpoints. The new endpoint becomes effective immediately.

If you install Elastic Cloud Enterprise on AWS, you likely need to modify the cluster endpoint. To learn more, see Endpoint URLs Inaccessible on AWS.

If you have an App Search instance, after specifying a new deployment domain name value you need to reapply the App Search cluster configuration, either with or without any changes.