Default Templateedit

A template to get you started and for backwards compatibility with existing deployments.

The default template is suitable for search and general all-purpose workloads that don’t require more specialized resources. If this template doesn’t quite give you what you need to solve your own use cases, we recommend that you create new deployment templates.

Existing deployments that were created in an ECE version before 2.0 are switched to this template automatically, if you edit their deployment configuration. The template is fully backwards compatible and enables you to add Elastic Stack features such as machine learning and dedicated master nodes to existing deployments.

Included in this template:

  • Elasticsearch:

    • Data nodes: Start at 1 GB memory x 1 availability zone. Uses the data.default instance configuration.
    • Master nodes: With three or fewer data nodes, master nodes are co-located with the data nodes. With more than three data nodes, one dedicated master node per availability zone is used. Uses the master instance configuration.
  • Kibana: Starts at 1 GB memory x 1 availability zone. Uses the kibana instance configuration.
  • Machine learning (ML): Disabled by default. The functionality is pre-wired into the template, but you must explicitly enable it in the UI. Uses the ml instance configuration.

To use this template effectively, you must tag your allocators and edit the default instance configurations, so that ECE knows where to host the Elastic Stack products that are part of your deployment.