Configure index managementedit

If you include more than one data configuration when creating or editing deployment templates, you must also specify how indices get managed by Elastic Cloud Enterprise. Typically, this means specifying where new indices get created initially and then where they get moved to later on.

Before you beginedit

Configuring index management is part of the larger task of creating deployment templates or editing them. You cannot configure index management for templates separately.


To configure index management:

  1. On the Manage Indices tab, configure the index curation method:

    1. Select the hot data configuration where new indices get created initially.
    2. Select the warm nodes where older indices get moved to later on when they get curated.
    3. Specify which indices get curated by including at least one index pattern.

      By default, the pattern is *, which means that all indices get curated. For logging use cases, you could specify to curate only the logstash-*, metricbeat-*, or filebeat-* index patterns, for example.

    4. Specify the time interval after which indices get curated.
  2. Click Next.

After you have completed these steps, continue with the task of creating deployment templates or editing them.