Retrieve User Passwordsedit

At the end of the Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation process on the first host, you are provided with the URL and user credentials for the administration console users root and readonly. You use this information to log into the Cloud UI. Both users can access all parts of the Cloud UI, but only the root user can make changes. If you need to retrieve the credentials at a later point, you can issue one of the following commands from the first host you installed on (requires that you have jq installed).

If you specified a different host storage path during installation, change /mnt/data/elastic to the path your installation is using. These commands require that the secrets file exists on the host where you run the command. (Don’t have a secrets file? You can also reset the passwords.)

To retrieve the password for the root user:

jq -r '.adminconsole_root_password' /mnt/data/elastic/bootstrap-state/bootstrap-secrets.json

To retrieve the password for the readonly user:

jq -r '.adminconsole_readonly_password' /mnt/data/elastic/bootstrap-state/bootstrap-secrets.json

You access the Cloud UI on port 12400 or port 12443 at IP address of the first host you installed on (, for example).