elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh upgradeedit


bash elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh upgrade — Upgrade an existing Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to a new version.


bash elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh upgrade
[--host-docker-host "PATH_NAME/docker.sock"]
[--docker-registry REGISTRY]
[--overwrite-existing-image] [--debug]
[--timeout-factor NUMBER]


To run this script, a user must be part of the docker group. The host that you run this script on must be the first host that you installed Elastic Cloud Enterprise on or a host that holds the director role.


Upgrades an existing Elastic Cloud installation to a newer version.


--host-docker-host /PATH_NAME/docker.sock
Specifies the location of the Docker socket used to communicate with the Docker daemon. Defaults to /var/run/docker.sock.
--docker-registry REGISTRY
Specifies the Docker registry from where Elastic Cloud Enterprise assets are retrieved during installation. Defaults to docker.elastic.co.
Overwrites any existing local image when retrieving the Elastic Cloud Enterprise image from the repository. Defaults to false.
If specified, outputs debugging information.
--timeout-factor NUMBER
If specified, increases all timeout values used during installation by multiplying with this number. Defaults to 1.0.


Upgrade an existing Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to the latest version:

bash elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh upgrade