Snapshotting to Azure Storage for Elasticsearch 5.x and 6.xedit

With Elastic Cloud Enterprise, you can enable your Elasticsearch clusters to regularly snapshot data to Microsoft Azure Storage.

Snapshotting to Azure Storage is supported in version 5.X or 6.2.X and later. If you have a cluster other these versions, please upgrade before proceeding.

  1. Configure the snapshot repository:

    1. From the Platform page, click Repositories and then Advanced.
    2. Add a new repository that includes your Azure account name and the details for the Azure storage container.
    3. If needed, set additional options for configuring chunk_size, compressions, and retries. See the Azure repository configuration settings for more information.

          "type": "azure",
          "settings": {
              "account": "MY_ACCOUNT",
              "container": "BACKUP-CONTAINER"
  2. Add the snapshot repository configuration to the Elasticsearch cluster through the Elasticsearch User Settings:

    1. Create an Elasticsearch cluster with the repository-azure plugin enabled.

      If you have an existing Elastic cluster you can also add the repository-azure plugin in the Manage tab and editing the configuration.

    2. Go to the User Settings section and edit the YAML file to add the Azure configuration with your Azure bucket ID and key.

                      account: "AZURE STORAGE ACCOUNT NAME"
                      key: "AZURE STORAGE ACCOUNT KEY"
    3. Choose the Snapshot Repository that you created.
    4. Click Create Cluster.

The cluster should then have snapshots enabled and and begins snapshotting either in the default interval of 30 minutes or immediately, depending on what you have specified.