cluster_id (string, required)
The id of the cluster
cluster_name (string, required)
The name of the cluster
elasticsearch_cluster (TargetElasticsearchCluster, required)
Information about any Kibana clusters associated with this Elasticsearch cluster
healthy (boolean, required)
Whether the cluster is healthy or not (one or more of the info subsections will have healthy: false)
links (map[string,Hyperlink])
A map of application-specific operations (which map to 'operationId's in the Swagger API) to metadata about that operation
metadata (ClusterMetadataInfo, required)
The cluster metadata stores a combination of public and internal state and configuration for a cluster. The unstructured content is undocumented unless explicitly stated elsewhere in the docs
plan_info (KibanaClusterPlansInfo, required)
Information about the current, pending, and past plans of a cluster
status (string; allowed values: [Initializing, Stopping, Stopped, Rebooting, Restarting, Reconfiguring, Started])
Cluster status
topology (ClusterTopologyInfo, required)
A description of the cluster topology (the different instances/containers making up the cluster, and where they are located