The input section specifies how often Topbeat reads server statistics and which statistics it captures. Here is an example configuration:

  # In seconds, defines how often to read server statistics
  period: 10

  # Regular expression to match the processes that are monitored
  # By default, all the processes are monitored
  procs: [".*"]

  # Statistics to collect (all enabled by default)
    # per system statistics, by default is true
    system: true

    # per process statistics, by default is true
    process: true

    # file system information, by default is true
    filesystem: true

    # cpu usage per core, by default is false
    cpu_per_core: false

Input Optionsedit

You can specify the following options in the input section:


How often, in seconds, to read system-wide and per-process statistics from your servers. The default is 10.


A list of regular expressions to match all the processes that need to be monitored. By default, all the running processes are monitored.


The statistics to collect. You can specify the following settings:

  • system to export system-wide statistics, including statistics about system load, CPU usage, memory usage, and swap usage.
  • process to export per-process statistics, such as the process name, parent pid, state, pid, CPU usage, and memory usage.
  • filesystem to export file system statistics, including details about the mounted disks, such as the total and used disk space, and details about each disk, such as the device name and the mounting place.
  • cpu_per_core to export the cpu usage per core. By default is false and it makes sense only if system: true. The details are grouped under cpus. For each core of the server, few details are exported like:
    "cpus": {
      "cpu0": {
        "user": 373170,
        "user_p": 0,
        "nice": 0,
        "system": 463408,
        "system_p": 0,
        "idle": 2904305,
        "iowait": 0,
        "irq": 0,
        "softirq": 0,
        "steal": 0