Step 5: Loading Sample Kibana Dashboardsedit

To make it easier for you to start monitoring your servers in Kibana, we have created a sample Topbeat dashboard. This dashboard is provided as an example. We recommend that you customize it to meet your needs.

For more information about loading and viewing the Beats dashboards, see Visualizing Your Data in Kibana.

Topbeat statistics

Example of a System-Wide Overviewedit

You can configure the Dashboard page to show the statistics for all servers or for a subset. For example, you might have a dashboard page that shows:

  • CPU usage and memory consumption for the top 10 CPU-consuming processes running on different servers
  • Free and used disk space for all servers
  • CPU usage per process
  • Memory consumption per process

Topbeat Dashboard page in Kibana

Example of a Per Server Overviewedit

To display the statistics coming from a single server, you can use a search query like precise32:

Topbeat Dashboard page in Kibana for one server

You can learn more about Kibana in the Kibana User Guide.