Why doesn’t my connection to Logstash work?edit

You may have configured Logstash or the Beat incorrectly. To resolve the issue:

  • Make sure that Logstash is running and you can connect to it. First, try to ping the Logstash host to verify that you can reach it from the host running the Beat. Then use either nc or telnet to make sure that the port is available. For example:

    ping <hostname or IP>
    telnet <hostname or IP> 5044
  • Verify that the config file for your Beat specifies the correct port where Logstash is running.
  • Make sure that the Elasticsearch output is commented out in the config file and the Logstash output is uncommented.
  • Confirm that the most recent Beats input plugin for Logstash is installed and configured. Note that Beats will not connect to the Lumberjack input plugin. See Updating the Beats Input Plugin for Logstash.