Kubernetes state_cronjob metricsetedit

This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The design and code is less mature than official GA features and is being provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features.

This is the state_cronjob metricset of the Kubernetes module.


For a description of each field in the metricset, see the exported fields section.

Here is an example document generated by this metricset:

  "@timestamp": "2019-08-06T09:04:37.555Z",
  "@metadata": {
    "beat": "metricbeat",
    "type": "_doc",
    "version": "8.0.0"
  "kubernetes": {
    "namespace": "default",
    "cronjob": {
      "is_suspended": false,
      "active": {
        "count": 0
      "last_schedule": {
        "sec": 1.56508224e+09
      "next_schedule": {
        "sec": 1.5650823e+09
      "created": {
        "sec": 1.565081911e+09
      "name": "mycronjob"
  "ecs": {
    "version": "1.0.1"
  "host": {
    "containerized": false,
    "name": "worker2",
    "hostname": "worker2",
    "architecture": "x86_64",
    "os": {
      "codename": "bionic",
      "platform": "ubuntu",
      "version": "18.04.2 LTS (Bionic Beaver)",
      "family": "debian",
      "name": "Ubuntu",
      "kernel": "4.4.0-148-generic"
  "agent": {
    "id": "8a56f5ca-477f-4a10-b88e-e3793ac3f892",
    "version": "8.0.0",
    "type": "metricbeat",
    "ephemeral_id": "9acb5452-9e96-45e6-82ab-76e2f20b22eb",
    "hostname": "worker2"
  "event": {
    "dataset": "kubernetes.cronjob",
    "module": "kubernetes",
    "duration": 7832416
  "metricset": {
    "name": "state_cronjob"
  "service": {
    "address": "kube-state-metrics:8080",
    "type": "kubernetes"