Docker healthcheck metricsetedit

This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The design and code is less mature than official GA features and is being provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features.

The Docker healthcheck metricset collects information and statistics about running Docker containers.


For a description of each field in the metricset, see the exported fields section.

Here is an example document generated by this metricset:

    "@timestamp": "2016-05-23T08:05:34.853Z",
    "beat": {
        "hostname": "",
        "name": ""
    "docker": {
        "container": {
            "id": "1bab78b8101e4d4df7de3dd9747512641bd0e97f886ca44be2f3f22a7b90ea2b",
            "labels": {
                "com_docker_compose_config-hash": "1b78c28e8f14c2d7804c5b002c0f1dd29afac4a82737d38d079d227029013732",
                "com_docker_compose_container-number": "1",
                "com_docker_compose_oneoff": "False",
                "com_docker_compose_project": "metricbeatdocker",
                "com_docker_compose_service": "elasticsearch",
                "com_docker_compose_version": "1.11.1"
            "name": "elasticsearch"
        "healthcheck": {
            "event": {
                "end_date": "2017-03-02T05:19:07.701Z",
                "exit_code": 0,
                "output": "{\n  \"name\" : \"iElnwHE\",\n  \"cluster_name\" : \"elasticsearch\",\n  \"cluster_uuid\" : \"phQC_WOFRBK10LUqTQS5lA\",\n  \"version\" : {\n    \"number\" : \"6.0.0-alpha1\",\n    \"build_hash\" : \"d02170b\",\n    \"build_date\" : \"2017-02-06T12:00:50.817Z\",\n    \"build_snapshot\" : true,\n    \"lucene_version\" : \"6.4.1\"\n  },\n  \"tagline\" : \"You Know, for Search\"\n}\n",
                "start_date": "2017-03-02T05:19:07.646Z"
            "failingstreak": 0,
            "status": "healthy"
    "metricset": {
        "host": "/var/run/docker.sock",
        "module": "docker",
        "name": "healthcheck",
        "rtt": 115
    "type": "metricsets"