HAProxy Moduleedit

This module collects stats from HAProxy. To configure HAProxy to collect stats, you must enable the stats socket via TCP. For example, to enable stats reporting via any local IP on port 14567, place this statement under the global or default section of the haproxy config:

stats socket

You should use an internal private IP, or secure this with a firewall rule, so that only designated hosts can access this data.


The HAProxy metricsets were tested with HAProxy 1.6 and are expected to work with all 1.6 versions.

Example Configurationedit

The HAProxy module supports the standard configuration options that are described in Modules. Here is an example configuration:

- module: haproxy
  metricsets: ["info", "stat"]
  enabled: true
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["tcp://"]


The following metricsets are available: