System Module

The System module allows you to monitor your servers. Because the System module always applies to the local server, the hosts config option is not needed.

Module-Specific Configuration Notes

The System module has these additional config options:


When the process metricset is enabled, you can use the processes option to define a list of regexp expressions to filter the processes that are reported. For more complex filtering, you should use the processors configuration option.

The following example config returns metrics for all processes:

- module: system
  metricsets: ["process"]
  processes: ['.*']

When the process metricset is enabled, you can use the boolean cgroups option to enable the experimental cgroup metrics on Linux.

The following example config enables cgroups metrics on Linux.

- module: system
  metricsets: ["process"]
  cgroups: true

When the cpu or core metricset is enabled, you can specify cpu_ticks: true to report CPU ticks in addition to CPU percentages stats. For example:

- module: system
  metricsets: ["cpu", "core"]
  cpu_ticks: true


The System module comes with a predefined dashboard. For example:

metricbeat system dashboard

Example Configuration

The System module supports the standard configuration options that are described in Modules Configuration. Here is an example configuration:

- module: system
    # CPU stats
    - cpu

    # System Load stats
    - load

    # Per CPU core stats
    #- core

    # IO stats
    #- diskio

    # Per filesystem stats
    - filesystem

    # File system summary stats
    - fsstat

    # Memory stats
    - memory

    # Network stats
    - network

    # Per process stats
    - process
  enabled: true
  period: 10s
  processes: ['.*']


The following metricsets are available: