PostgreSQL Moduleedit

This module periodically fetches metrics from PostgreSQL servers.

Module-Specific Configuration Notesedit

When configuring the hosts option, you must use Postgres URLs of the following format:


The URL can be as simple as:

- module: postgresql
  hosts: ["postgres://localhost"]

Or more complex like:

- module: postgresql
  hosts: ["postgres://localhost:40001?sslmode=disable", "postgres://otherhost:40001"]

You can also separately specify the username and password using the respective configuration options. Usernames and passwords specified in the URL take precedence over those specified in the username and password config options.

- module: postgresql
  metricsets: ["status"]
  hosts: ["postgres://localhost:5432"]
  username: root
  password: test


This module was tested with PostgreSQL 9.5.3 and is expected to work with all versions >= 9.

Example Configurationedit

The PostgreSQL module supports the standard configuration options that are described in Modules Configuration. Here is an example configuration:

#- module: postgresql
    # Stats about every PostgreSQL database
    #- database

    # Stats about the background writer process's activity
    #- bgwriter

    # Stats about every PostgreSQL process
    #- activity

  #enabled: true
  #period: 10s

  # The host must be passed as PostgreSQL URL. Example:
  # postgres://localhost:5432?sslmode=disable
  # The available parameters are documented here:
  #hosts: ["postgres://localhost:5432"]

  # Username to use when connecting to PostgreSQL. Empty by default.
  #username: user

  # Password to use when connecting to PostgreSQL. Empty by default.
  #password: pass


The following metricsets are available: