Beats version 8.8.2edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Make sure k8s watchers are closed when closing k8s meta processor. 35630
  • Upgraded Apache Arrow library used in x-pack/libbeat/reader/parquet from v11 to v12.0.1 in order to fix cross-compilation issues. 35640
  • Fix panic when the disk queue’s MaxRetryInterval configuration is specified, but RetryInterval is not. 35820


  • Fix syslog message parsing for fortinet.firewall to take into account quoted values. 35522
  • [Filebeat GCS input] Fixed an issue where bucket_timeout was being applied to the entire bucket poll interval and not individual bucket object read operations. Fixed a map write concurrency issue arising from data races when using a high number of workers. Fixed the flaky tests that were present in the GCS test suit. 35605
  • Fix handling of IPv6 unspecified addresses in TCP input. 35064 35637
  • Improve error reporting and fix IPv6 handling of TCP and UDP metric collection. 35772
  • Fix input reload on autodiscover. 34388 35645


  • Fix serialization of processors when running diagnostics. 35698


  • Fix calculation of the host.cpu.usage metric for EC2. 35717


Affecting all Beats

  • Update Go version to 1.19.10. 35751


  • [GCS] Added scheduler debug logs and improved the context passing mechanism by removing them from struct params and passing them as function arguments. 35674




  • Removed support for zip_url and local browser sources. 35429