Beats version 8.8.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • add_cloud_metadata processor: add cloud.region field for GCE cloud provider
  • add_cloud_metadata processor: update Azure metadata API version to get missing field


  • Fix "Can only start an input when all related states are finished" error when running under Elastic Agent 35250 33653
  • [system] Sync system/auth dataset with system integration 1.29.0. 35581
  • Fix filestream false positive log error "filestream input with ID xyz already exists" 31767
  • Fix error when trying to use include_message parser 35440



  • Add sanitization capabilities to azure-eventhub input 34874

Auditbeat - Migration of system/package module storage from gob encoding to flatbuffer encoding in bolt db. 34817


  • Support collecting metrics from both the monitoring account and linked accounts from AWS CloudWatch. 35540
  • Add new parameter include_linked_accounts to enable/disable metrics collection from multiple linked AWS Accounts 35648