Beats version 7.9.2edit

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Breaking changesedit

Affecting all Beats

  • Autodiscover doesn’t generate any configuration when a variable is missing. Previously it generated an incomplete configuration. 20898


Affecting all Beats

  • Explicitly detect missing variables in autodiscover configuration, log them at the debug level. 20568 20898
  • Fix libbeat.output.write.bytes and metrics of the Elasticsearch output. 20752 21197


  • Provide backwards compatibility for the set processor when Elasticsearch is less than 7.9.0. 20908
  • Fix an error updating file size being logged when EOF is reached. 21048
  • Fix error when processing AWS Cloudtrail Digest logs. 21086 20943


  • The Kibana collector applies backoff when errored at getting usage stats 20772
  • The elasticsearch/index metricset only requests wildcard expansion for hidden indices if the monitored Elasticsearch cluster supports it. 20938
  • Fix panic index out of range error when getting AWS account name. 21101 21095
  • Handle missing counters in the application_pool metricset. 21071


  • Do not need Google credentials if not required for the operation. 17329 21072
  • Fix dependency issues of GCP functions. 20830 21070


Affecting all Beats

  • Add container ECS fields in kubernetes metadata. 20984