Beats version 7.9.1edit

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Breaking changesedit

Affecting all Beats

  • Removed experimental modules citrix, kaspersky, rapid7 and tenable. 20706


Affecting all Beats

  • Update replicaset group to apps/v1 15854
  • Rename cloud.provider az value to azure inside the add_cloud_metadata processor. 20689
  • Add missing country_name geo field in add_host_metadata and add_observer_metadata processors. 20796 20811


  • Fix long registry migration times. 20717 20705
  • Fix event types and categories in auditd module to comply with ECS 20652
  • Update documentation in the azure module filebeat. 20815


  • Stop rescheduling tasks of stopped monitors. 20570


  • Updates vm_compute metricset with more info on guest metrics. 20448
  • Add fallback for PdhExpandWildCardPathW failing in perfmon metricset. 20139 20630
  • Fix resource tags in aws cloudwatch metricset 20326 20385
  • Fill with accountID if account alias doesn’t exist. 20736


  • Fix duplicated field error when exporting index-pattern with migration.6_to_7.enabled. 20521 20540
  • Fix event.outcome in the security module for non-English languages. 20079 20564


Affecting all Beats

  • Added support for more message types for Cisco ASA and FTD. 20565