Beats version 7.6.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix k8s pods labels broken schema. 16480
  • Fix k8s pods annotations broken schema. 16554


  • Fix a connection error in httpjson input. 16123
  • Fix mapping error for cloudtrail additionalEventData field 16088
  • Rewrite azure filebeat dashboards, due to changes in kibana. 16466
  • Adding the var definitions in azure manifest files, fix for errors when executing command setup. 16270 16468


  • Fixed scheduler shutdown issues which would in rare situations cause a panic due to semaphore misuse. 16397


  • Avoid parsing errors returned from prometheus endpoints. 15712
  • Change sqs metricset to use average as statistic method. 16438


  • Fix timeout option of GCP functions. 16282 16287