Beats version 7.5.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix proxy_url option in Elasticsearch output. 14950
  • Fix bug with potential concurrent reads and writes from event.Meta map by Kafka output. 14542 14568
  • Fix license detection, when a beats successfully connect to Elasticsearch the detected license will be show in the log at info level. 15834


  • Change iis url path grok pattern from URIPATH to NOTSPACE. 12710 13225 7951 13378 14754
  • Fix azure filesets test files. 14185 14235
  • Update Logstash module’s Grok patterns to support Logstash 7.4 logs. 14743


  • Fix perfmon expanding counter path/adding counter to query when OS language is not english. 14684 14800
  • Add extra check on ignore_non_existent_counters flag if the PdhExpandWildCardPathW returns no errors but does not expand the counter path successfully in windows/perfmon metricset. 14797
  • Fix rds metricset from reporting same values for different instances. 14702
  • Closing handler after verifying the registry key in diskio metricset. 14683 14759
  • Fix docker network stats when multiple interfaces are configured. 14586 14825
  • Fix ListMetrics pagination in aws module. 14926 14942
  • Fix CPU count in docker/cpu in cases where no online_cpus are reported 15070