Beats version 7.14.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Allow conditional processing in decode_xml and decode_xml_wineventlog. 27159


  • Convert the o365 module’s client.port and source.port to numbers (from strings) in events. 22939
  • Fix the Snyk module to work with the new API changes. 27358
  • Fix a bug in http_endpoint that caused numbers encoded as strings. 27382 27480


  • Change server_status_path default setting to nginx_status for the nginx module. 26642
  • Change startTime and endTime of GetMetricData API in cloudwatch metricset to be only one collection period apart. 27327
  • Fix cloudwatch metricset collecting duplicate data points. 27248
  • Add percent formatters to system/process. 27374
  • Fix instance machineType reporting in compute metricset of GCP module. 27363



  • Update Elasticsearch module’s ingest pipeline for parsing new deprecation logs. 26857 26880