Developer Guide: Creating New Kibana Dashboards for a Beatedit

Starting with Beats 5.0.0, the Kibana dashboards are not released as part of the Beat package. They are released in a separate package called beats-dashboards.

When contributing to Beats development, you may want to add new dashboards or modify existing ones. To make this easier, we’ve created an import_dashboards script that you can use to import the dashboards from an existing Beat into Kibana, where you can modify the dashboards or use them as a starting point to create new dashboards.

Kibana saves the dashboards, along with all the dependencies such as visualizations, searches, and index patterns, in a special index in Elasticsearch. By default the index is .kibana, but you can specify a different index.

When you’re done making changes to the dashboards in Kibana, you can use the export_dashboards script to export the dashboards, along with all dependencies, to a local directory.

To make sure the dashboards are compatible with the latest version of Kibana and Elasticsearch, we recommend that you use the virtual environment under beats/testing/environments to import, create, and export the Kibana dashboards.

The following topics provide more detail about importing and working with Beats dashboards: