Beats version 5.0.0-rc1edit

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Breaking changesedit

Affecting all Beats

  • A dynamic mapping rule is added to the default Elasticsearch template to treat strings as keywords by default. 2688


Affecting all Beats

  • Make sure Beats sent always float values when they are defined as float by sending 5.00000 instead of 5. 2627
  • Fix ignoring all fields from drop_fields in case the first field is unknown. 2685
  • Fix dynamic configuration int/uint to float type conversion. 2698
  • Fix primitive types conversion if values are read from environment variables. 2698


  • Fix default configuration file on Windows to not enabled the load metricset. 2632


  • Fix the bpf_filter setting. 2660


  • Fix input buffer on encoding problem. 2416
  • Fix registry cleanup issue when files falling under ignore_older after restart. 2818


Affecting all Beats

  • Setting port has been deprecated in Redis and Logstash outputs. 2620