Building Your Own Beat Dashboardsedit

For visualizing the dashboards of a Beat in Kibana you need to have configured:

  • the Beat index pattern, which specifies how Kibana should display the Beat fields
  • the Beat dashboards, including the dependencies such as visualizations and searches

For the Elastic Beats, the index pattern is available in the GitHub repository of each Beat under etc/kibana/index-pattern or under the beats-dashboards zip archive, available for each Beat release.

For the community Beats, you can easily generate the index-pattern from the etc/fields.yml file. For more details check the generate index pattern section.

If you would like to build dashboards from scratch for any Elastic Beats, you can start by importing the same version of the index pattern as your Beat:

$ scripts/import_dashboards -only-index -beat metricbeat

After creating your own dashboards in Kibana, you can export the Kibana dashboards to a local directory, and then archive the dashboards in order to be able to share the dashboards with the community.