Other Dashboard Load Optionsedit

When you load the Beats dashboards, you can also specify:

  • The Kibana index pattern where you want to load the dashboards in Elasticsearch. For example:

    ./load.sh -url http://test.com:9200 -index .kibana_env
  • The username and password to use for authentication. There are a few ways to pass in the username and password. For example:

    ./load.sh -url https://xyz.found.io -u user:password 
    ./load.sh -url https://xyz.found.io -u admin:$(cat ~/pass-file) 
    ./load.sh -url https://user:password@xyz.found.io 

    Specify the username and password separated by a colon.

    Use a file to avoid polluting the bash history with the password.

    Put the username and password in the URL.

These options are also available when you run .\load.ps1 on Windows.