Rename fields from eventsedit

The rename processor specifies a list of fields to rename. Under the fields key each entry contains a from: old-key and a to: new-key pair. from is the origin and to the target name of the field.

Renaming fields can be useful in cases where field names cause conflicts. For example if an event has two fields, c and c.b, that are both assigned scalar values (e.g. {"c": 1, "c.b": 2}) this will result in an Elasticsearch error at ingest time. This is because the value of a cannot simultaneously be a scalar and an object. To prevent this rename_fields can be used to rename c to c.value.

Rename fields cannot be used to overwrite fields. To overwrite fields either first rename the target field or use the drop_fields processor to drop the field and then rename the field.

- rename:
     - from: "a.g"
       to: "e.d"
    ignore_missing: false
    fail_on_error: true

The rename processor has the following configuration settings:

(Optional) If set to true, no error is logged in case a key which should be renamed is missing. Default is false.
(Optional) If set to true, in case of an error the renaming of fields is stopped and the original event is returned. If set to false, renaming continues also if an error happened during renaming. Default is true.

See Conditions for a list of supported conditions.

You can specify multiple ignore_missing processors under the processors section.