Add cloud metadataedit

The add_cloud_metadata processor enriches each event with instance metadata from the machine’s hosting provider. At startup it will query a list of hosting providers and cache the instance metadata.

The following cloud providers are supported:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Tencent Cloud (QCloud)
  • Alibaba Cloud (ECS)
  • Huawei Cloud (ECS)
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Openstack Nova

huawei is an alias for openstack. Huawei cloud runs on OpenStack platform, and when viewed from a metadata API standpoint, it is impossible to differentiate it from OpenStack. If you know that your deployments run on Huawei Cloud exclusively, and you wish to have cloud.provider value as huawei, you can achieve this by overwriting the value using an add_fields processor.

The Alibaba Cloud and Tencent cloud providers are disabled by default, because they require to access a remote host. The providers setting allows users to select a list of default providers to query.

The simple configuration below enables the processor.

  - add_cloud_metadata: ~

The add_cloud_metadata processor has three optional configuration settings. The first one is timeout which specifies the maximum amount of time to wait for a successful response when detecting the hosting provider. The default timeout value is 3s.

If a timeout occurs then no instance metadata will be added to the events. This makes it possible to enable this processor for all your deployments (in the cloud or on-premise).

The second optional setting is providers. The providers settings accepts a list of cloud provider names to be used. If providers is not configured, then all providers that do not access a remote endpoint are enabled by default.

List of names the providers setting supports:

  • "alibaba", or "ecs" for the Alibaba Cloud provider (disabled by default).
  • "azure" for Azure Virtual Machine (enabled by default).
  • "digitalocean" for Digital Ocean (enabled by default).
  • "aws", or "ec2" for Amazon Web Services (enabled by default).
  • "gcp" for Google Copmute Enging (enabled by default).
  • "openstack", "nova", or "huawei" for Openstack Nova (enabled by default).
  • "openstack-ssl", or "nova-ssl" for Openstack Nova when SSL metadata APIs are enabled (enabled by default).
  • "tencent", or "qcloud" for Tencent Cloud (disabled by default).

The third optional configuration setting is overwrite. When overwrite is true, add_cloud_metadata overwrites existing cloud.* fields (false by default).

The add_cloud_metadata processor supports SSL options to configure the http client used to query cloud metadata. See SSL for more information.

The metadata that is added to events varies by hosting provider. Below are examples for each of the supported providers.


  "cloud": {
    "": "123456789012",
    "availability_zone": "us-east-1c",
    "": "i-4e123456",
    "machine.type": "t2.medium",
    "": "ami-abcd1234",
    "provider": "aws",
    "region": "us-east-1"

Digital Ocean

  "cloud": {
    "": "1234567",
    "provider": "digitalocean",
    "region": "nyc2"


  "cloud": {
    "availability_zone": "us-east1-b",
    "": "1234556778987654321",
    "machine.type": "f1-micro",
    "": "my-dev",
    "provider": "gcp"

Tencent Cloud

  "cloud": {
    "availability_zone": "gz-azone2",
    "": "ins-qcloudv5",
    "provider": "qcloud",
    "region": "china-south-gz"

Alibaba Cloud

This metadata is only available when VPC is selected as the network type of the ECS instance.

  "cloud": {
    "availability_zone": "cn-shenzhen",
    "": "i-wz9g2hqiikg0aliyun2b",
    "provider": "ecs",
    "region": "cn-shenzhen-a"

Azure Virtual Machine

  "cloud": {
    "provider": "azure",
    "": "04ab04c3-63de-4709-a9f9-9ab8c0411d5e",
    "": "test-az-vm",
    "machine.type": "Standard_D3_v2",
    "region": "eastus2"

Openstack Nova

  "cloud": {
    "": "test-998d932195.mycloud.tld",
    "": "i-00011a84",
    "availability_zone": "xxxx-az-c",
    "provider": "openstack",
    "machine.type": "m2.large"