The convert processor converts a field in the event to a different type, such as converting a string to an integer.

The supported types include: integer, long, float, double, string, boolean, and ip.

The ip type is effectively an alias for string, but with an added validation that the value is an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

  - convert:
        - {from: "src_ip", to: "source.ip", type: "ip"}
        - {from: "src_port", to: "source.port", type: "integer"}
      ignore_missing: true
      fail_on_error: false

The convert processor has the following configuration settings:

(Required) This is the list of fields to convert. At least one item must be contained in the list. Each item in the list must have a from key that specifies the source field. The to key is optional and specifies where to assign the converted value. If to is omitted then the from field is updated in-place. The type key specifies the data type to convert the value to. If type is omitted then the processor copies or renames the field without any type conversion.
(Optional) If true the processor continues to the next field when the from key is not found in the event. If false then the processor returns an error and does not process the remaining fields. Default is false.
(Optional) If false type conversion failures are ignored and the processor continues to the next field. Default is true.
(Optional) An identifier for this processor. Useful for debugging.
(Optional) When both from and to are defined for a field then mode controls whether to copy or rename the field when the type conversion is successful. Default is copy.