Adaptive relevance events logs referenceedit

The Enterprise Search adaptive relevance logs events for curation suggestion changes.

These events register changes in adaptive relevance suggestions. Every time a suggestion is created, updated or deleted, a new event will be emitted.

Enterprise Search records these events using Elastic Common Schema (ECS), including a custom field set called appsearch.adaptive_relevance.* for adaptive relevance specific data.

To view these events, see View adaptive relevance events logs.

This document provides a reference to these events and their fields:

Base fieldsedit

A UTC timestamp of the event.
A unique identifier of the event.
The action that originates the event. All events are of type curation_suggestion.

Contains the type of event. Can be one of:

  • creation: A new suggestion has been proposed.
  • change: A suggestion has been updated or changed status.
  • deletion: A suggestion has been deleted.
A textual description of the event (useful for displaying in a UI for human consumption).

Service fieldsedit

A unique identifier of the process that generated the suggestion changes.
All events will have this set to adaptive_relevance.
Current version of the Enterprise Search product.

Process fieldsedit
The PID of the App Search instance.
The id of the thread logging the event.

Host fieldsedit
The host name where the App Search instance is deployed.

Adaptive relevance history fieldsedit

Engine for the adaptive relevance curation suggestion.
Query for the curation suggestion.
Curation identifier affected by the action.
Identifies the previous status for the suggestion when the suggestion has changed status. This field is not present when the suggestion has been created for the first time.
Identifies the new status for the suggestion when the suggestion has changed status. Use this field along with appsearch.adaptive_relevance.suggestion.previous_status to understand the status transition for the suggestion.
Contains the array of document identifiers that are promoted by the suggestion.