For performance and historical reasons, App Search has default limitations on some objects and API calls.

There are two types of limits:

Many limitations are configurable. See Configuration in the Enterprise Search documentation.

Engine Level Limitsedit

Limits on each individual Engine.


Synonym Sets

256 [configurable in 7.7+]

Words per Synonym Set

32 [configurable in 7.7+]

Promoted/hidden Documents per Curation

50 documents


32 boosts

Schema Fields

64 fields [configurable in 7.7+]

Schema Field Length

64 characters

id Schema Field Value Length

800 characters

API Logs

At least 7 days

(see Log retention in the Enterprise Search documentation)

Analytics Retention History

At least 180 days

(see Log retention in the Enterprise Search documentation)

Maximum Document Size

100KB [configurable in 7.7+]

Maximum Indexing Payload Size


Bulk Indexing Maximum

100 documents per batch

Engines per Meta Engine

15 [configurable in 7.7+]

Query Level Limitsedit

Limits on API query size, structure, and parameters.


Queries Per Request

10 queries per request

Query Length

128 characters [configurable in 7.7+]

Result Pages

100 pages

Results Per Page

1000 results

Results Per Query

10,000 results

Snippet Result Text Field Size

1000 characters

Raw Result Text Field Size

1000 characters


250 facets [configurable in 7.7+]


32 filters

Filter Array Items

1024 array items

Filter Nesting Levels

5 levels

Sorting Fields

10 fields

Grouping Fields

10 fields

Analytics Tags Per Request

16 per request [configurable in 7.7+]

Analytics Tag Length

64 characters

App Search hosted on has additional limitations.