APM Server version 7.11edit

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APM Server version 7.11.1edit

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No significant changes.

APM Server version 7.11.0edit

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Bug fixesedit

  • JSON schema metricset: nest type and subtype under span 4329
  • JSON schema metricset: nest type and name under transaction 4329
  • Carriage returns are now stripped from source-mapped context source lines 4348
  • Remove config defaults from apm-server export config 4458

Intake API Changesedit

  • Intake RUM v3: Changed error messages for invalid events due to internal changes of decoder logic 4358
  • Auto-generate JSON schemas for Intake API v2 and v3/rum 4393


  • Monitoring for aggregation of transaction metrics 4287
  • Log warnings in aggregation of transaction metrics when grouping limit is reached 4313
  • Configurable tail-based sampling policies 4320
  • Monitoring and telemetry for tail-based sampling 4346 4360
  • Experimental support for data streams 4409
  • Label/custom/mark keys are now sanitized (rather than validated and rejected) by the server 4465
  • Upgrade Go to 1.14.12 4478
  • Added apm-server.response_headers config 4523
  • Switch logging format to be ECS compliant where possible 3829
  • Switch logging format to JSON to work with ECS logging 4590
  • Upgrade Go to 1.14.15 4737